Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ripple Along and Granny Gone Wild CAL reports :-D

Good Saturday afternoon from not so sunny north Scotland :)
Okay so someone has created a crochet addict… it wasn’t me.. but now I have 2  no 3 crochet WIPs…  Ripple Along, Granny GW, and Mum’s Blue thing (to be undone and started over)… oh and I may be in the middle of a doll scarf for DD’s ball jointed doll Claudia. (I have to wait for her to get home from work to see if she wants more added to it :))
THEN!! as if I don’t have enough diversions from my quilting ;) I have an order from DS to make this Wizard Hat by Avril Draven:-
I need to get the yarn though and think I just about have it sussed to the equivalent of UK aran weight.  Must start it soon as he wants it for his belated birthday party which he’s holding in November… no pressure there then.
THEN DD not to miss out (like she doesn’t get enough things done for her already) has put an order in for some dressing table doilys for her “new to her” vintage dressing table…. when I get the doilys done I’ll get a photo of them in situ… but don’t hold your breath please ;)))
I have ordered the yarn for those PLUS yarn to make some crocheted earrings that I saw on Crochet Geek’s YT video here:-
I have been subscribing to Teresa’s (Crochet Geek) channel for a long whiley trying to figure out how to crochet.  I just love watching her videos.
Anyway, you don’t want to hear me go on you want to see the update pictures right?   Okay without anymore waffling here they are:-
First up the Ripple Along held by Lucy and Heather .  Here are two photos taken over the cushion that the Ripple is being made for…. I have no idea how I’m going to do the ends of the pillow but I’ll hopefully figure out a solution when I get to that stage.
Ripple Along 22nd Oct 11RED Ripple Along 22nd Oct 11 progress on pillowRED
Next up is my slow progress on LuAnn’s Granny Gone Wild CAL.   I decided to do a multicoloured African Flower motif though I have no idea what it will be or how big. LOL… motifs without a cause.   I did see my friend Katrin’s  motifs (she is making the same ones) and they are gorgeous in different shades of blue ( you can see one of her motifs here:  I may have to do something similar for me Mam.  She wants a cover for her pouffeé (sorry can’t spell that word)  and in blue.  Anyway, I side track ;))  here are my African Flower motifs….  pattern found here   on Heidi Bears Blog
LuAnn's CAL Africa Flower Oct22nd 11RED
Okay time to go and do some of the work that I’ve been procrastinating over ALL DAY!!   before it gets too late and I end up with it all to do tomorrow…. why am I doing chores at the weekend? We are going to be getting our central heating pipes replaced starting Monday so I want the place to look semi respectable ;))   
Happy Stitching!
Hugs Ellyx


  1. Love all your crochet projects and I love the colours you're using! Good luck with the central heating pipes - cleaning before the men arrive to make a big mess? Sounds sensible to me ;o)

  2. Nice crochet projects. Love the colors on the motifs.
    Is there a link for LuAnn's CAL?
    Gonna go check out your 'hat'... sounds nifty. Good luck with all your "to-do's". lol
    [the word verification below says "dones"... perhaps that is an omen! lol]

  3. I like the african flower grannies you have created. I will make a cushion with mine, so I only will need 7 of them. The back of my cushion will be fabric, I hope everything will work out the way I plan it.
    Your ripple looks good, maybe you can make it a bit longer than the pillow and just tie up the ends to make it look like some candy.

  4. your projects are looking great. Love those African Flower Motifs. so colourful.

  5. Hello Elly!
    You can make your ripple bigger than the cushion itself and then tie knots from both sides with a ribbon and make it like a sweet candy cushion...if you can not figure out how to close it :)
    I love love love the colors of your african flowers! stunning!
    Thank you for visiting!
    hugs and kisses!

  6. Vany C Jacintho- Brasil.2 January 2012 at 23:18

    Gostei demais de seus trabalhos. Parabéns! Vany

  7. Lovely Projects. When I have finished my hexies I have another project I started in another life time. Must get it out, and do some more.
    Love the ripple crochet. :-)