Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ripple Along and Wizards

I finally got my ripple cylindrical cushion completed!!! Yeah!!  After 4 false starts!!    I just wasn’t happy with the yarns I was using.  The colours had gone awry and then I discovered half way that it wasn’t going to fit properly…. so I had to pull out my original one.  After a couple more starts and not liking the varying thickness of the yarns I was using I decided to see if I had enough of the yarn left from my Giant Granny Square.  After a bit of sums I realized I could if I just did one row of each colour. 
And here is the finished article:Ripple cushion cover finishedHere is a couple pictures of one of the ends:  
Ripple cushion end
I straightened the two wavy ends first by adapting a pattern in the book shown in the first picture.  There is a square ripple cushion in this book but using a different pattern to Lucy’s Neat Ripple pattern.  It had straightened wavy ends so I just worked out how to apply something similar to mine.  I used a combination of double crochet(UK) half treble and treble (UK)    Then I made up a little ruffly edging and used a cording which I made from yarn to draw up the ends.  I’m quite pleased with the result.
In case anyone is interested the ruffle edging is just  DC(UK, SC US) into every stitch with 3 chains to link them.
The other WIP I finished was a wizard hat for my DS.  He was holding a themed party and asked for this hat.  It’s by designer April Folts and her pattern was purchased from her Etsy shop “AprilDraven”. 
Here’s the hat on DS’ head:Lewis' Wizard Hat side viewI used an Aran yarn as it was the nearest to the US worsted weight.
Well that’s it from me for now :)  One day I will get back to some quilting but for now I’m enjoying playing with yarn :))
Happy Stitching and Crocheting!
hugs Ellyx


  1. I love the ruffled edge! That looks like fun. And the wizard hat is just fabulous!

  2. Beautiful! Great colors and the ruffled edge is fantastic... thanks for sharing how you did it.
    Wizard hat is great!

  3. Hi Elly,
    your cusion looks great, and I like the way you finished off the sides.

  4. Hello Elly!
    You can go both ways! I myself close each round I finish before beginning the next one :)
    Have a wonderful evening!
    p.s: I love how your cushion turned out :) beautiful!

  5. I love the ripple cushion and the ends look great! I was wondering how you were going to tackle them and was imagining all sorts of complicated things ripply circles! Love the wizard hat - that'll keep him warm this winter!

  6. I can do ruffled edges too! And I can do fringes! Mine aren't as pretty as yours because they don't give me coloured stuff to work with. We all love your things here.
    I'm looking forward to settling down to something different this winter.
    Love from Harvey

  7. Hello again Elle.I don't think I would be allowed a wifey.They won't even allow me a tortoise to help me find dandelions in the garden.
    I do have a little old book called Sunset Quilting, Patchwork and Applique Published 1981 you could have. It's American though. Never quite sure about Americans.
    Love, Harvey

  8. What fun crocheted projects, thee must be so many more choices for projects than with quilts.

  9. Love you end for the cushion. Just a bit of fancy. Great hat for son.

    Thanks for the soup and soda bread recipe. Will have to try the bread next time I am at my parents. Thanks.