Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ORCA MYSTERY by Bonnie Hunter

Okay, I know I said (a long while back) that I wasn’t going to do any more mysteries.  Nope, NEVER!   Well guess what, I should never say never because I have yet again succumbed! LOL… (Thanks to my very good friend Frummie ;))

Bonnie Hunter is currently hosting a new mystery.  (See link in side bar of to the OrcaMystery).  You can still join in if I can tempt you ;))

Here is my progress so far.  I have done all of part one’s 224 QSTs using Inklingo QST collection here.   If I didn’t have Inklingo I doubt very much I would have even got started by now, let alone finished.   Here’s on the right is my box full of the little devils  angels…. ;) and on the left a picture of them prepared and ready to stitch.  See those printed sewing and cutting lines ;-D

Orca Mystery part 1 completed

Orca mystery part 1 using INKLINGO







I’ve also done some string piecing for parts 2 and 4.  Here they are up on my design wall with a few spare QSTs that I had left over.

Orca Mystery, parts 1, 2 and 4

Now I’m killing two birds with one stone here.  I’ve ‘owed’ my DS a quilt for ages now.  I did have a much more simple pattern in mind, which come to think of it, had I put in as much sewing as I have so far with this mystery it would have been finished, LOL… however, it wouldn’t have been as much fun… would it.

I still have to make a start on part 3… some more little rascals.  1.5 inch finished Half Square Triangles, 350 of them!  And yes, I will be using Inklingo to make these too :-D  I’ll be using collection 2 which is on a discontinued CD; however,  there is a new downloadable collection for HSTs on the Inklingo website should you be interested.

Okay, I think I’ll go grab a cup of tea and chill awhile before making supper ;-D

Have a great day!

hugs Ellyx


  1. Great that you decided to join us with Orca Bay! I'm learning so much as I go trying out new techniques amd generally having a good time.

  2. Lovely to hear from you! You have been busy with all those QST - I only have a couple of Inklingo collections and have a voucher still to spend on the site...might have a look at the new collection! Love the mystery so far!

  3. Phew! Thank goodness my name wasn't used in vain, this time!


    Glad we're on the same side of the fence, Elly!

    I'd hate to be waaaaay over there, just watching you sweat, all by your lonesome! *VBG*

    splin = When you start spinning and spinning and you're legs start separating... just like a split, but while you're spinning! LOL

  4. Your blocks are great! I am using yellow too.

  5. Looking good, Elly! The yellow is so striking. Congrats on getting so much done. The Red string blocks are super -- aren't they? Love this mystery. It's so much fun. Inklingo sure helps making the tiny pieced blocks!
    Can't believe we are starting this so close to Christmas, but there we are! lol

  6. Oh wow, so much work. It's going to be lovely.

  7. I have learnt about Inklingo recently and I am looking for undertanding how it works. your work is great. hugs

  8. Looks like a fun projekt.
    Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year

  9. A wonderful Christmas to you and your family!
    Best wishes for 2012!

  10. And you are doing Orca Bay! *like me, lol!~