Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mysteries, Houses and Backward Crocheting, and new family addition

Firstly, I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

This is a picture loaded post so I will try keep the wording to a minimum… also I’m having difficulty spelling today for some reason.. no not to much grog…unless you count water as grog.. just a brain full of all the projects I am embarking on doing this year, LOL…

First up:  Bonnie Hunter has revealed the result of her Orca Bay Mystery today!!  So exciting!!  Here is a picture of a ‘mock up’ of how my blocks and colours would look if I were to proceed with this as per Bonnie’s reveal.Orca Bay Bonnie Hunter Mystery revealHmmmm, I’m making this for my DS and I’m not so sure this is him…plus I don’t have a great variety of ‘male friendly’ neutrals and blacks.  So I may have to rethink.   I did see a great idea on Jillian’s blog using the stars.   I will have to get going on my EQ7 to see what I can come up with.  Some pseudo circles with some snowball type alternate blocks maybe.  I know DS likes circular things.


Next up my first little ‘Building Houses’ block.  I am considering combining this challenge with with Angela’s, of SoscrappyNew Rainbow Challenge.

House 1As if I didn’t have enough excitement going on, with all the various new projects popping up all over the place,  I decided to join in with the 12 Days of Christmas mini mystery being held at Temecula Quilt Company’s blog.   I’ve done to day 6 but there will be yesterday’s and today’s to do sometime today.

Temecula 12 days of Christmas 2011Aren’t they cute!!  These blocks are just 3” finished size.  I am using some repro charm squares which I’ve had in my box for a long while waiting for the perfect project.

Next up is my backwards crocheting.  It is a shawl I’ve been attempting to make for my mum.  The pattern was a bit brief in instruction even though it was stated as being for a beginner.  I think there was an omission in the pattern.  With my first attempt it was turning out square.  It is supposed to be triangular.  I pulled it out.  My second and third attempts (with a lot of guess work) they started to improve but still not triangular enough.  So I started a fourth attempt.  Finished up both balls of yarn which was stated for the pattern and realized it wasn’t big enough for a child let alone an adult and it still doesn’t look triangular enough to sit around the shoulders properly.  So now I’m in the process of pulling it out again for the fourth time.   I managed to purchase another 2 balls of the same yarn, which is gorgeous to work with but murder to pull out, and I am going to attempt it yet again adding even more stitches to the beginning and end of each row.  Fingers crossed!!  Meanwhile here is the non progress so far.

Mum's crochet shawl

And last but not least. A wee story.

One evening, a couple of weeks before Christmas, DD was at the small shop where she was working when her co-worker went out to put something in the shop’s refuse bin and saw a box sitting on top of their recycle bin.  He went to put it in the bin but then realized there was something inside.   When he opened it he saw this little bunny.Mila 4Some person had just dumped her there.  We suspect that someone who knows that DD has pet rabbits knew she was working and wouldn’t leave the bun.  DD phoned me to go pick them both up and, to cut a long story short, now little bun lives with us.  She’s been to the vet and is in good health though at first she wasn’t eating.  Vet confirmed she was a girl.  DD has named her Mila and she is a Netherland Dwarf.  That tray she is in is a regular sized seed tray.  She is tiny, but she is very feisty and vocal… not common in bunnies.  Quite funny to us but I can see why she may have been misunderstood and therefore dumped.  They didn’t know how to handle her and not a suitable breed for children if there were any.  She is, however, very sweet and has settled in just fine.

Oh well, I think I’d better get to some sewing or uncrocheting ;)

Have a great First Day of the New Year!!




  1. You have big plans for the new year, I wish you good progress in everything you do.

  2. Wowzer, girlfriend, you sure have a lot going on! I think the OB on your design wall looks great! Of course, if DS has 'other tastes' then it might be good to re-group.
    Good luck w/your crocheted shawl... is it too late to try a totally different pattern? Or maybe a little bigger hook?
    The scrappy houses will be fun to make all together, as will the JT2!
    I love your new Bun... she is darling!
    Happy New Year!
    Cyn; -)

  3. ancestYou're certainly ready to embrace 2012 with so many projects. You've inspired me to resume Orca Bay and consider the Little Houses project.The little rabbit is so cute!

  4. You inspire me to get busy, and I love your projects. Good luck with your crochet project.

  5. Thank goodness your daughter rescued Mila -- she is so cute!
    You sure have a lot going on! Good luck with the crochet pattern -- but how sad that the instructions were written so poorly! I hope your next attempt makes it just right so you don't have to pull out any more.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Mila looks adorable...and tiny! Good luck with the shawl - have you contacted the pattern writer to check for changes?

  7. Your projects for the year thus far are looking just great. Seems like you are having fun. Thanks God for animal-loving people like you and your DD. Because of you, there is one less sweet animal suffering.

  8. She's precious! So glad she found your daughter!