Saturday, 31 March 2012

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday and so on and so forth.

I haven’t done much sewing this past week for a real contribution to Rainbow Scrappy Saturday.  I’ve done a little crochet but not much sewing. 

If you’d like to see what others have done this past week for their Rainbow Scrappy challenge this week go to Soscrappy’s blog here.

However, I do have some pictures to share with you this last Saturday of the month :)  Some are pink too ;)

First pink related item 2 blue bowls/dishes purchased at a local charity shop for £1, sitting on my April Calendar quilt.

Pink March in April with Blue bowlsNext up, same wallhanging with another charity shop find:

Crochet heart container topCrochet heart container inside  






A little heart shaped crocheted container.  It was only 50pence!!  I couldn’t leave it on the shelf.

Next find is a little cut glass candle holder plate for £1:

Cut glass candel holderThese were all bought on my day out with DD on Tuesday.  I thought a couple of them would make great pincushion bases.  The small blue glass bowl and the cut glass one.  Now as to when I’ll do these well… LOL.

Here’s a clear picture of the April Wallhanging (revisited) ready to put up above my sewing table tomorrow.

April RedworkNow I did accomplish something yesterday evening.  I added sashings to the first row blocks of my Dear Jane and sewed them together :)

The row is so wide it extended beyond the width of my design wall where I pinned it up on to take the picture:

Dear Jane First Row together This should be clickable for a bigger picture.

I’m hoping I can keep this up and stitch rows together as I complete them.

Oh there is one more thing that I sewed up this week.   It was DH’s birthday yesterday but he really didn’t want much except he had asked me to make him a simple coin bag…. a very simple coin bag.  He even told me what fabric he wanted it in…. plain old heavy weight muslin. AND he also told me how to go about making it LOL… speak about telling your granny how to suck eggs!!!  Oh well I humoured him.  However, I drew the line at an absolutely boring plain bag and added a little machine embroider and his name. ;))

Money Pouch for NeilHe has now caught up with me in age :))

Finally, I can’t leave without showing you a picture of our black bunny Malachi aka Bun Bun.  He is such a sweetie and as daft as a brush :

Malachi in Garden March 12This is a picture taken just the other day in the garden… when we had summer visit us.  He is Chichi Bun’s Husbun.


That’s all for now ;)

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. OMWord.. I am still laughing! Help, can't stop. lol. "dumb as a brush", that really tickels me.
    Gee willikers, i'm gonna go shopping with YOU. Great finds; super stuff! The crochet 'box' is so dainty looking.
    Congrats on getting a DJ row all together. It looks wonderful - good for you!
    Your April WH is cute!

  2. Love your April quilt, the embroidery in the middle is just adorable. Most impressive work on DJ. An entire row! Congratulations on your progress, it looks great.

  3. Oh my gosh Bun Bun is so cute. Daft? Really. You cracked me up with that. You really got me with your story about making that coin bag for DH. Great story. I love the glass items for a pincushion base. GREAT IDEA. You're just plain AWESOME.

  4. Lot's of pretty little pink pictures, sweet April wall hanging, lovely pictures and stories.

  5. Cute wall quilt. Great finds at the thrift shops. I did some thrift shopping on holidays. Not mush sewing.

  6. I love thrift store finds! Love that darling little quilt and of course you know I love Bun Bun! :)