Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday on Easter Sunday :)

Happy Easter to everyone and everybun!!

This month’s colour for the Rainbow Scrappy is Neutrals.   This is quite a challenge but I’m hoping to meet it.   I’ve collected together all my neutral scraps smaller than 1/8th yard (plus a couple of rough 1/8ths I had to steal from a couple of bigger pieces) and cut them into 5inch squares and strips and also 2and half inch pieces…. leftovers were cut to 2” if possible and the remainder lumped together in a plastic box.

I selected 8 different 5” squares to make my D4Ps to go with the others.  Then I selected 12 5” squares to make another project with.  This project will be amalgamating two different challenges.  One challenge is to make a quilt to the theme of a song, the other to try out a new ruler, and of course to meet with the Neutral Challenge for April.

Here is a picture of the 5” squares.Rainbow Scrappy April NeutralsA mix of beige, tan, taupe and greys.  

With some of the scrappier pieces, those smaller than 2” pieces, I will be making my neutral house to go with the others.

Here is a small quilt I finished in the last couple of weeks but haven’t posted a picture of yet.  It’s the Quilt of the Month for Kathleen Tracy’s yahoo group Small Quilt Talk.  The challenges are also posted on her blog.   This one is from the February challenge.

Kathy Tracy QAM challenge FebruaryIt is currently hanging just above my sewing table.   Now if I could just make some decisions about border fabrics I could complete the one for March before embarking on the challenge for April which is pretty cute too.

Well I had better go and get another Dear Jane block made before the day has gone.   Now which bunny shall I leave you with this week. hmmm…

Chichi on window ledgeHere is Chichi, taken a while ago, sitting on my windowsill thinking she’s a cat not a rabbit.  Clearly her mother didn’t tell her that bunnies don’t like heights!  She jumped up there from a footstool, just below the window, out of shot.  

Enjoy these next few weeks of Easter!!



  1. Your little quilt is darling, Elly. Love the embroidery in the center. Wonderful!
    Good for you getting a head start on RC12 for April. The D9P is such a great idea for the year's color challenges.
    Chichi is so C U T E! Love the bunny pictures.
    Happy Easter and Happy Springtime from my home to yours.

  2. Your little red and white quilt turned out so cute. Especially with the little added embroidery. Chichi is a doll and needs a big hug from me!

  3. Love the mini quilt and the middle is adorable. Sounds like you are all set for the challenge this month. Love the bunny picture....

  4. You are so smart to combine multiple challenges together. Your combination of blue and neutrals is beautiful. Hope your neutral houses turn out well, they are next on my list as well.

  5. Cute little bunny :D
    Nice mini quilt.
    This neutral challenge had me stumped. You have me thinking now. Thanks.
    Hope you had a nice Easter!

  6. How sweet to see Chichi sitting in the window just like our kitty Simon does! Your little wall hanging is just adorable! Can't wait to see what you'll do with the neutrals!

  7. Congrats on finishing your February quilt. Mine is still in the design stage. I was going to make a heart shaped yo-yo instead of the embroidery. I am thuroughly enjoying Kathleen's monthly challenges.