Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

A little late this week but here are my updates on March’s Pink Challenges.

I’ve finished the 4 pink Disappearing 4 patch blocks for my Rainbow Scrappy project :

Pink D4P blocks

Here is a picture of how they fit in with the green and red blocks from January and February:

Rainbow Scrappy D4P progress march12 I also completed another house for my hamlet ;)  in pink:

Building houses Pink

and here it is with the other housies:

 Building houses estate of 4And to add to my pink collection for this month I also completed a Dear Jane block last Sunday which was in pink :

c-7C-7 Megan’s Mountain Laurel

Finally, for this picture laden post, here is a picture of Chichi and Malachi (black one). Chichi & Malachi love 1   “Bunny Love”

Going to go and finish another Dear Jane block now and maybe get to a ufo.

Happy Mother’s Day! (It is here in the UK)



  1. I love your little houses, they are so cute. This may be something else I need to make :-)

  2. Your 'hamlet' is coming right along, Elly. Looking good. The D4Ps are so sweet in Pink... yeah, Pink! lol.
    The bunnies are sooooo darling!
    Your DJ block is totally mind-blowing-amazing! Wowzer that is one of the more difficult ones, eh?! Congrats!
    Like you, I didn't get my RC12 post up until today. We are the "late commers".

  3. Looks like a busy weekend for you. The pink Dear Jane is a great addition to your collection. Love the new little house, so sweet with the others.

  4. You have been busy. I love your little houses!!!!

  5. What wonderful pink blocks! I especially love the disappearing 4 patch blocks!

  6. I love all your DP4Ps! And the bunnies are so cute!

  7. I like how your disappearing 4 patch is shaping up.