Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday (a little late)

Here are my ‘Aqua’ offerings for this week’s Rainbow Scrappy Saturday.
First up my Aqua D4Ps which I just finished sewing today:Rainbow Scrappy Aqua August D4P
I really, really, really, LOVE these in this colour.  I think they have to be my favourite.   Also, I feel an aqua quilt may need to be considered at some point for my bedroom.
Next up is a ‘here’s one I done earlier’ mainly aqua quilt.
MacMillan challenge quiltI made this a few years back as part of another challenge.  There was a bundle of fabrics to be used in it.  All except the orange/red which I added for contrast.  The design is my own which I made in EQ.  It is hand quilted.   I feel this would have been better had I made it smaller.
I may have then got it finished in time for the end of the challenge, LOL.
If you’d like to see more aqua offerings then hop on over to Soscrappy’s blog here.
I have a couple more posts I will be making sometime this coming week.  So I’ll leave you with one picture of a bunny and his poops.
FlatBonnie FriendsMeet Rex and his poop friends Oopsie and Poopsie.   Flat Bonnie plushies.   My DD bought these for my birthday which was yesterday.   They are so cute!  20% of the sales of these went to Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation. 
Every good bunnymom/dad will know that bunny poops are so very important in indicating the health of a bunny.  If they become very small or bunny stops producing them then something is up and you need to get bunny to a vet asap!   So they are VIPPs.
Okay, my dear readers I will be back soon so stay tuned ;)
Happy Stitching!


  1. I love the D4Ps - gorgeous colours! Rex his cute, not so sure about his 'friends' ;o) Happy (belated) birthday!!!

  2. Love your aqua D4Ps. Gorgeous. A bedsized quilt in those colors sounds great! keep us posted on your progress...k? lol
    Love your bunny and his VIPPs poopsies! Too cute. Hope yesterday was a blast!

  3. Oh, I do like your colors. SO soothing. They will go nicely with the rest, but I can see an entire quilt with these colors too.

  4. Love the aqua D4P. It's one of my favorite patterns.

  5. The aqua D4P is wonderful and so calming! I agree, a larger version would be great for the bedroom. Your challenge block is great, too - I like the pops of red/orange!

  6. OMGoodness! I just love the colors in your D4P's. Very soothing, but then again I love anything in that blue color way! Your wall hanging is lovely as is the pretty quilt in the last post. So glad I may have company next year with that block for the challenge..... should be easy to resize (no EQ for me though) but Bonnie did size it down a bit already. Too funny on the bunny poop. I had a neighbor who had bunnies when I was little....I do remember all the little poo's all over their cages. Now I see it out on my lawn from that wild bunny who thinks we are running a bunny hotel!

  7. Happy Birthday and your blocks look great! I really love the wall hanging that you designed in EQ and oh my gosh is that a cute little bunny with his poop friends!

  8. Happy Birthday a few days late. Mine was the 12th.
    Love your bunny and poops!
    Your turquoise pieces are beautiful. I have decided that I need to do more with turquoise in the future. Such a calming color.