Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Thank You to my dear family and friends who helped me celebrate my birthday

I had a wonderful birthday on Saturday with lots of good things happening.  

I’d like to share with you some of the gifts that I have received from family and friends.  So here goes, in no particular order:

While I was away on holiday way back in May a parcel arrived from Rosa my dear friend who lives in Canada.  Eager to see what it was I asked my daughter to opened it for me and take pictures to email me.  Rosa had made for me a most gorgeous table topper.  Here is a picture I took on Saturday of it in my garden:

Rosa's Birthday Gift to me August 2012It has wool appliqué on the baskets.   She and her hubby run a long arm quilting business called “The 3A Quilting “ and her hubby had done some beautiful machine quilting on the table topper and in the middle there is even some trapunto.  Here is a close up:

Center of Rosa's tabletopperaffiliate rose star

My dear friend Frummie from Florida sent me some Inklingo

It is the gorgeous 12” Rose Star Collection. I haven’t yet sewn a block but you can see one that Cathi has made up in the larger 18” size on her blog here.

You can also click the button to the right if you wish to read more about this great collection.


My dear friend Cyn from California sent me an gift certificate!!  Don’t you just love those!  Needless to say I didn’t waste any time spending it and bought the book “Reversible Quilts” by Sharon Pederson.  I still had some certificate left and added it to the gift certificate which my DS Lewis sent me and ordered another 3 books… slightly going over but who was counting… LOL.. The 3 books I hope will be here today.  They are all Jelly Roll books by the authors Pam & Nicky Lintott of the Quilt Room in Dorking England.

Birthday Gifts 2012 Here’s a group shot of some of my gifts.  I have photographed them on the reverse side of Rosa’s table topper… isn’t the backing pretty!

Also, in the shot from my friend Lyn, are some jars to put my scraps into, 3 plain art boards to put quilts onto and a book by Lynette Anderson “Stitch It For Christmas”  Lots of lovely projects in this book.

From my DD I received a while back a BJ doll which I blogged about I forgot to blog about so here is a picture of her.  She’s the blonde little one:

394202_426253690736347_550607249_nOnce I’ve made a little quilt for her I’ll get some photos of her on her own.  Anyhow, DD also bought me the bunny and poop which I blogged about in my previous post.

On Saturday I also had lunch out with a friend at a new cafe down in Scrabster Harbour called  Cups.  It was oh so cute.  It was so nice a day that we had our soup and coffee on the outside tables… a rare thing to be able to do in Caithness…. it was a little too hot.   Anyway, we finished and paid up and both went off to our cars to go on our way when the heavens opened up and there was a huge downpour!  Talk about good timing, LOL…

A lastly, one little ego boost I got this weekend… the little quilt I made for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) sold very quickly.  You can see it here.

Okay, now I’m off to finish making my pineapple jam and open the package from Amazon with the 3 Jelly Roll books that arrived as I was writing this post ;))  more another day.

Have a good week stitching!




  1. I am glad you had such a lovely day, and the gifts you show are all beautiful.
    Take care

  2. What a wonderful birthday! You're going to LOVE the Rose Star- I think those kites are the most fun shape to piece ever!! Happy belated birthday! :-)

  3. Fun and fabulous gifts, Elly. Your birthday sounds like it was wonderful. It was a very lucky thing that the weather held off until you finished your lunch! Good timing.
    /; -)

    1. PS: Congrats on selling your AQI quilt so quickly. It is a stunner!

  4. Happy birthday!!! It sounds (and looks!) like you had a wonderful day full of lovely presents - all very well-deserved! I can't wait to see your first Rose Star block - have fun!

    1. P.S. I love your AQI mini - no wonder it was snapped up!!

  5. I just LOVE that you love your table topper, Elly! Whenever I would look at it, I would think of all the times you helped me with the basket PDFs and re-drafting my ideas on our baskets. *grin*