Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2013 Last Saturday for March and Orange

Happy Easter to you all!   It is the last Saturday for Orange and by the skin of my teeth (do teeth have skin?) I finished my blocks for this challenge.

Here they are:

First up my little orange cross blocks (does anyone know their proper name?)  

RSC March13 Orange cross blocks

Here is how they look together with the last two months’ blocks:  Can you see the mistake I made with the orange cross blocks?

RSC March 13 SummaryAfter seeing Linda’s wonderful D4P quilt here which she finished recently I thought I would make extra D4Ps to go with the ones I made last year so I would have a bigger quilt.  So I made a couple more orange ones and a couple of neutral ones.  I need to make extra pink and purple to catch up.

RSC Extra D4P blocksAlso looking orangy-ish  is the long wash cloth for my DH who’s birthday it is today.   I was up until 3am last night getting it finished!  It is done with Tunisian crochet and I’ve mixed up the stitches a little.  I had no pattern I just made it up as I went along  played.   It is very stretchy.   DH likes long cloths and usually uses bar towels.  It has orange, yellow and dark red in it and is about 24 x 7 inches.

Long washcloth for Neil

Lastly, a picture of my bunny Princess Penelope:

PP side view March 2012

I think that’s it for now :)  Pop over to Soscrappy and see what everyone else has done for their last Orange Saturday. 

Have a great weekend!!




  1. I don't think your orange cross blocks are a mistake- they add interest!
    Penelope looks awfully cute with her Easter bow.

  2. Great blocks and Princess Penelope looks like she is decked out for Easter!

  3. Happy Easter to you too Elly. As for your orange cross blocks I also think they add interest so I don't think you should change them. Princess Penelope looks so cosy and pretty - reminds me of Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds.

  4. Uh oh! Yep, I see how the orange ones are different LOL!! You can always claim it was a design element that you planned :*) You have some wonderful orange blocks!

  5. I never would have noticed that in the block! It does add a special charm to the bunch of blocks. Pretty Princess Penelope. Great job on your orange blocks this month.

  6. Happy Easter, Elly. I love all your blocks. Looks like April may be the color GREEN! A perfect color for spring :D

  7. I love those orange crosses! Princess Penelope is adorable!

  8. Penelope is so cute. Great blocks in orange. I love the second photo, the two different blocks in the three colours, look so good together.

  9. Yes, I can you see the mistake with the orange cross blocks, but I like your cross blocks, such pretty and pink and violet and orange squares too. I will glad that you will visit my blog :
    Have a wonderful day! Hi, Penelopa!