Saturday 22 March 2014

Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Hello everyone, I thought I wouldn’t have anything to show again for this weekend but I got a tail wind last night and managed to sew up the little cross blocks for my RSC14 this month.  Here they are, though the light isn’t so good for the photo.   
  Rainbow Scrappy March 14 Teal cross blocks
Apart from last night I haven’t stitched anything in a couple of weeks.  I came down with an addiction to Irish Crochet which I just recently discovered.  It is fascinating!  I discovered it while I was on a quest to find a crocheted Shamrock motif to make a bookmark.  Well the bookmark never got made in time for St Patrick’s day but it’ll keep for next year.   Anyhow, I joined the Irish Crochet Lovers group on Ravelry and from there I enrolled in an online course on IC at Irish Crochet Lab.  This course is run by a lady called Larisa who moved the States from the Ukraine.  She is the most excellent teacher and her videos are so very clear and precise.  She has some videos available on her YT channel here.  I came across her when I was looking for a video on how to do the crochet bullion stitch for a project I’m working on.
Anyway, I’ll show with you some of my meagre efforts:
Irish Crochet practice pieces March 14_2   IC traditional white motifs practice
Here’s a close up of the little padded flower and bud which uses a padded ring in the centre and Clones knots for the petals. 
 Flower bud and flower with clones knot and padded center button
The three flowers on the bottom row in the first picture are all the same pattern but from left to right are made using #5, #10 and #20 crochet thread.   I’m not to happy with my white leaf in the second picture.  This was quite difficult (excuses, excuses) but I will try it again.  You can see the cord in the bottom left picture of the circle one… dangling towards the bottom of the picture.  The thread out to the left is #20 and the stitches so tight I could barely see them to work into them.
Here’s a small doily using padding cord in the centre and picot back ground netting. The thread is #10 a little easier than working with #20.  Though this was my second attempt at the padded centre daisy motif… you can see my first attempt in the above left picture of the yellow daisy.Irish Crochet Doily
So that’s where I disappeared to last week…  Maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye though. It is my brother’s third anniversary of him passing, coming up this week and he is buried in Galway Ireland… our ancestral home (well one of them).. our grandfather came from there and Pete’s widow is from there too.  March is not a good month for our family with many anniversaries occurring.  My Irish grandfather, my English father and brother and my Spanish grandmother.  I’m always on edge, as well as feeling sad, during March wondering who may be next.
I’m linking up with Angela of Soscrappy’s for this week’s RSC14.  The colour for this month is Turquoise/Teal/Aqua… go check out what everyone else has been up to.   This coming week I hope to make my TTA scrap box Smileso I’d better go get on with it! and try not to get side tracked.
Happy Stitching!! and Crocheting!!


  1. Your teal blocks came out great. Lots of pretty crochet too!

  2. What a multi-talented lady you are. The doily reminds me of some lacework I saw at a museum in Fort William last year. I particularly like the green shamrock too.

  3. Pretty teal blocks and lovely crochet. Hope you get through an uneventful March this year.

  4. Lovely teal cross blocks, they will go well with all the others.

  5. Sweet little cross blocks. Your crochet is lovely. You have been busy with it.

  6. Your blocks look great. Your crochet is great too. I like your shamrock and yes, you can use it for next year. Sorry to hear about your happenings in March. I hope you have a quiet rest of the month. I can't wait to see your next box. I'm going to check out her crochet classes, thanks for letting us know.

  7. Love your teal blocks. Love, love love your crochet. I've caught the crochet bug, too : )

  8. I love those cross blocks. I hope all the anniversaries passed quietly and you're okay xxx

  9. I miss seeing your posts. I would love to see some of your work lately....