Sunday, 23 January 2011


Firstly, after a visit to Katrin’s blog I went to SOSCRAPPY’s blog and thought I’d give the scrap challenge a go it seemed like fun…though I’m late into the game.  So since January’s challenge was to use blue I went delving into my blue scraps and found some already made patches from 3 previous projects and I joined them together to make this block:-Blue scrap blockI added the pre-cut blue star to the centre which will need appliquéd down…..  when I decide what I am going to do with the block.  Do I keep it to one side to add further blocks to over the year with this scrappy challenge OR do I make something from it.  There is the question :)  If you’d like to join in please see the button in the right column.

While I was in amongst my blue scraps I pulled out some blue squares from various samples I’ve received over the years and I’m going to attempt to make a 10 minute block quilt from them.   I’ll post a picture another day.

So my play in my blue scraps yesterday was fun but it took all day!   Therefore, today I have been trying to finish my Dear Jane block.  I had already started to re-do on Friday.  Here it is finished.  You may have read in an earlier post last week that I’d attempted this block but didn’t like the way it was looking.  Well here it is done in a different way.  Much better and it’s staying, LOL…a-11  A-11 Pebble’s Protest  revisited.

Not so good is my elderly house bunny Biscuit isn’t eating well.   He has been to the vet and is on some medication to encourage his appetite but the vet said he may well need to have some dental work done.   Here he is:-

Biscuit He is 9 and half years old.  This picture was taken sometime last year I think.

Hasta Luego,

Happy Stitching Ellyx


  1. Your bunny is adorable, and what a great age he has attained! I've never heard of a 9 year-old bunny - that's amazing. I hope he feels better real soon.

    Happy quilting,
    Susan in Texas

  2. You could make a different block from scraps each month and have a rainbow quilt top by the end of the year!

  3. Hi Elly,
    I am glad you joined the challange, it will be fun to see your creations.
    The dear jane block looks nice, good thing you gave it another try, but you can still use the previous one, it wasn´t that bad you know.
    Good luck for the bunny, nobody likes to go to the dentist, I guess not even he does.

  4. What a fun block. I am so glad that you found time to play with your blue scraps. By the end of the year you will have a fabulous quilt.

  5. What a fun blue block. I am so glad that you found some time to play with your scraps. By the end of the year you will have a fabulous collection.

  6. Oh, dear - I hope Bunny starts eating! I know how difficult this can be with a pet who doesn't want to eat!
    Sending lots of kitty hugs.

  7. He looks wonderful for a 9 year old bunny!

    I love your scrap block.

  8. What a cute bunny. I hope Biscuit is getting better. Nice job on your scrappy blue block. It turned out very cute. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on the blue scrappy challenge. I still have to do stuff on those projects this weekend.