Sunday, 30 January 2011

SCRAPPY RAINBOW CHALLENGE REPORT; Dear Jane block and a bunny story

I’m a bit late but it’s not the end of January yet so here is this week’s report.    I started yesterday Blue scrap mug rugand completed today… with lots of procrastinating.. may I present my blue mug rug designed by Angela of Soscrappy .   

I have also found a new home for my blue scraps.  I’m sure there are still some lurking about but I will find them and when I do come across them I’ll know where they go ;))

Blue Scrap box


I also managed to complete another Dear Jane block here:-  M-13 Lynette’s Diamonds.m-13



Bunny Biscuit has still been poorly.  Ended back at the vet on Friday and he is booked in to get his teeth done tomorrow.  Worrying but if he won’t eat there is little choice.  I’ve spent a lot of time syringe feeding him which I don’t mind as we always have a lovely cuddle afterwards ;)

Chichi fast asleepHere’s a picture of one of my other bunnies Chichi fast asleep… she looked so cute with one of her paws up.  Like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.  But I have a tail to tell about this bunny:-   

The other night I was in bed asleep when I was woken by DH scuttling around the bedroom with a torch...   I guessed to myself Chichi had gone walk about.  But I knew she couldn’t be far so I went back to sleep.  I awoke a little later for a trip to the bathroom where upon I met DH coming up to bed.  Yes it was Chichi who’d gone AWOL.   He said he’d looked high and low and was fearing she’d escaped into the garden while he'd gone into the garage earlier for some ice cream from the freezer.  He’d checked every possible place twice but hadn’t found her. He was on the verge of a panic at the thought of the 'hell' he'd get from me for letting her out (as if) and was on his way back into the house from his second trip to the garage, resigned to the fact that chichi had was gone.... when  he thought to look in the most unlikely spot....(as you do)…. and lifted up the lid of the indoor garbage bucket.  Hey presto! Much to DH’s surprise there she was!!!  Sitting in the bucket with the lid down on her....How exactly she got in there is a mystery but the bucket is in the back store room is next to the veggie rack....   I suspect she'd tried to get up onto the top shelf of the veggie rack by jumping up onto the bucket but the lid was up so she fell in and the lid closed on top of her... only explanation I can think of.   There was evidence of 2 half eaten pears on the top rack which she and accomplice Malachi had got to by stretching up. Anyhow, she was not amused by all accounts when DH fished her out, LOL.   That’s Malachi you can see a bit off behind her using her as a prop.  There’s never a dull moment with these rabbits.

I hope you’ve had a great weekend

Happy Stitching,



  1. I like what you created from your blue scraps, and the new DJ Block ist nice too. Thank goodness your found the runaway again, your husband must love him a lot if he was so worried!

  2. Your bunnies are adorable. I'm sure you're right that it got into the bucket as the result of some foraging adventure gone wrong. What bunnies will do for vegetables!

    Susan in Texas

  3. Love your SCRAPPY block...and you!


  4. I love it when you write "bunny tails" on your blog. They sound like so much fun. Hope the dental work goes well for Biscuit & that he is soon eating again.
    Your blue MugRug is great!

  5. It sounds like your bunnies are quite a handful. Hope the dentist goes well. Your mug rug is so very cute! Glad you got all your blue scraps gathered, sometimes that is half the battle.

  6. Liked your blue creation - and what a delightful story :)

  7. Hope that the bunny dentistry for Biscuit goes well and that it makes all the difference!
    Your scrappy block looks wonderful!