Saturday, 5 February 2011


The colour for the month for February of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge  is Red and I have gathered together as many Red scraps lurking that I could find.  I thought I would have found more since this is a favourite colour for me.    I’m sure there must be more laying around some where.

Anyhow, here is a picture of my collected red scraps now in their new home :) Feb Red challenge scrap boxI also found some ufo blocks from another scrappy challenge of a couple of years ago.   I chose to use red scraps then.  I didn’t get far with them as you will see.   I was stumped when it came to setting… I couldn’t make up my mind.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to sew it up into a top this month :))  to make a small quiltlet.

And here is a picture of themon my design wall :-Feb Scrap challenge some ufo red blocks Hmmmmm?? Decisions, Decisions.   

I also hope to make another 12 inch finished block to go towards my Scrappy Rainbow Quilt.   I just need to decide on a block.  I’m hoping  too (if I get this far) to make a red mug rug.  I had so much fun making the blue one last month.

You can see the progress of other participants here.

Have a great weekend where ever you are.




  1. I shall look forward to seeing how you get on. I'm surprised at how far my scraps are going, they seem to be multiplying!

  2. Decisions, decisions, lol, can sometimes be hard to choose between, but it sure is a lot of fun playing with our fabric blocks!

    Miss 376, I know where your coming from on the multyplying! When I cut my scraps for my four patches, I ended up with a nice little pile of 1/5" squares of red fabrics that I didn't have before!

  3. I think you have gotten pretty far with your red scrapt. I don´t know how you manage to sew so much. I will be happy to get enought blocks for one coulourful quilt by the end of the year done.

  4. LOVE the "new" look to your blog Elly!

    And those red blocks are fabulous...I just got out a pattern that uses that exact same block, using a "setting" block in between the patchwork blocks.

    Anxious to see what you do with yours...

    Have a great day!


    Elaine in SLO, Ca

  5. Wow you really got a lot done...cannot wait to see the finished project

  6. *grin*

    When I come back from Florida and things settle down, here... I WILL re-start my "Dots Me Jane" quilt and am VERY tempted to jump in, with the Scrappy challenge, as well!

    Nice of you to shares pics, Elly!


    Word Verification of the day? Biont = People that are "Bisexual", in Ontario!


  7. The red block reminds me of my country chain quilt. I think country chain makes a beautiful setting; it would be really pretty in red. It's always hard to decide. Sometimes it's easier just to follow a pattern and not have to think so much!

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  8. That is one of the major reasons my projects become UFO's...I can't decide on a layout! Hope your lovely double 4 patch blocks become a finished project this month :)
    And your post reminded me of my Quilter's Blessing blocks...I could finish those into a quilt top for this month if I can find them :)

  9. Looking very cute so far, it will be fun to watch it grow

  10. Will be interested to see what you do with the blocks and your other red scraps! Have fun.

  11. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  12. Your red blocks are looking pretty good - it is so hard to decide how to put everything together!

  13. Those blocks look great on the design wall.