Saturday, 12 February 2011


This week has been a busy one so I haven’t got as far as I had hoped, however, I did make a decision on the setting of my little red scrappy double 4 patch blocks.   Here it is half sewn together:-Red report 12 febNot a very good photo as the natural light is poor today and DH had to hold my portable daylight lamp while I took the picture…. hence why it looks a bit lopsided, LOL…  Anyway, I need to decide on the outer triangles and cut and sew them on the ends then I can join the diagonal rows.   The hearts are not yet sewn on but I’ll quilt/appliqué them by machine.  The idea to just have them in alternating squares was my DDs.   I think a little hand quilting will go in the blank ones. 

I also managed to complete the little redwork block that got thrown to one side a couple of years ago.  Some of you may remember this 2008 BOM from Bea of Capricorn Quilts blog.

I had first thought to stitch it on Osnaburg fabric (I hope I’ve spelt that correctly as I keep calling it Osnabrook  :))    But I found it very stretchy to work with and being a novice stitchery person my work was messy… so I changed my mind and started it again on muslin and used different coloured threads.   However, I didn’t throw this little block away and have since learned about cotton interfacing being used as a stabilizer.  So since this month’s challenge colour is red I pulled it out from it’s hiding place and unpicked all the messy stitching, ironed on the back of it the cotton fusible and re-stitched it again.  It was so much easier to work with and I’m happier with the result.   Here it is:-Redwork 12 feb11I’ll have to find my multi coloured one to show you… if I can find it and I think I may have done the second one too before it got left.  I have to think about what I shall do with this one block wonder, maybe a cushion panel?  Little medallion centre?  Hmmmm…. decisions, decisions.  

For now though I must get to my Dear Jane block of the week ;0)  Until laters…

Happy Stitching,



  1. WOW Elly!!!!!

    Love the Red projects!!!!!!

    This "Scrappy Challenge" is something that I could do! Am looking forward to digging in and joining in in this scrap challenge!

    Word Verification: mette
    Sorry, Elly... All's I'm thinking of is French words and I don't think this would help you. *grin*

  2. The draft red is beautiful and is wonderful embroidery

  3. I have those same embroidered sewing themed blocks!! I have 3 more to complete. I'm planning to frame all 12 of them and display in my sewing room!

    Quiltingly Yours

  4. I have never heard of using cotton fusible interfacing to stabilize embroider fabric. That's a really good tip! Your little heart quilt is lovely. 8)

    Susan in Texas

  5. The quilt looks great. I like the hearts. Yes, you spelled it right.

  6. WOW...LOVE your quilt Elly!

    The hearts look great as an alternating block...great idea!

    Beautiful work!



  7. I really like the way your scrappy quilt is turning out! The heart and plain blocks really add to it.

  8. Hi Elly¡¡
    A beautiful work.Wonderful.
    Kisses .Aurori

  9. It's adorable! Great ideas to use up these scraps! I must look for my Quilter's Blessings blocks and work on them! Maybe that should be my red project for the rest of the month!

  10. I love your red very pretty. Great stitchery too.

  11. Your heart quilt looks very nice, maybe you can quilt some hearts on the neutral blocks. And I like your little redwork block, maybe you can turn that one into a pocket on a bag?

  12. Your heart quilt is so cute..and your embroidery looks great.

  13. It's beautiful! And I love the hearts too!

  14. What a lovely stash buster quilt! you have done a lovely job on your hand sewn project