Sunday, 16 January 2011

Have you ever had a day when you think your sewing is going good but then….

I’ve been trying to stitch a Dear Jane block today,  A11 Pebble’s Protest (aptly named almost should be Elly’s Protest) I thought all was going well.  A11 Pebble's Protest 1Here are some photos I was taking of it along the way….

So far so good>

A11 5 

< stitched a partial seam… note should have been a little more seam stitched….but it went okay.A11 3

Until I tried to stitch the centre together :(( Not so good.   I had paper pieced the middles and those sharp triangles and as a result the seams were going in the same direction as each other when I was trying to join them.  Despite a few frog stitching and re-stitching efforts it was not going to play nice….A11 4 here’s a close up of the offending centre:-

I am going to have to do it all over again :(( or I won’t be a happy bunny.   I think I will hand piece the entire thing.

TR3Anyway,  here are a couple of blocks I don’t think I’ve shown before.  First, a Dear Jane triangle “TR 3 Checkerboard”


m-11and secondly a DJ block  “M11 Rickshaw”

And now for something not Dear Jane.

I also completed a couple of stitchery blocks from Lynette Anderson’s “My Garden” BOM and here they are:-My Garden block 3 

Number 3   and

Number 4.  I am way behind on these :-/

Block 4

Finally, one last picture. :))

Taken on Christmas Eve of the starter DD made for out supper.  Some Chinese Tea Eggs…. decorated to look like….. MUSHROOMS :))

The idea to turn the eggs into mushrooms with some halved tomatoes was mine but DD did it.  These made me think of my friend  Katrin as she loves mushrooms ;-D   They were delicious too.

Tea egg starter ChristmasEve 2011

Well that’s it for now.  I wonder what ufo I’ll pull out to work on this week…

Happy Stitching!



  1. I love your blocks, even when you think they are Yucky...LOL

    Love U

  2. I think your DJ blocks looks terrific, especially rickshaw. If I did over every block that looked as good as yours do, I wouldn't have ANY done!

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have many UFOs from which to choose? Sometimes when one doesn't seem to be working as well as I think it should, all it takes is a switch to a different project. :-)

  4. You're doing a GREAT job on your blocks. Nicely done!

  5. Hi Elly,
    what a suprise to find a link to my blog here! But it is true I love mushrooms and yours look so delicious.
    I like the blocks you made and don´t worry too much about the "wonky" one. We all have wonky blocks and if you are unhappy with it you got to unpick and sew it again.

  6. Hi Elly,kisses from Spain and Happy New Year.Aurori