Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rainbow Scrappy 2012

I finally got my green Mug Rug completed and I’ve put away my green scraps and fished out my Pink ones :)   I hope to make 4 D4P blocks and a pink house this month..   Also, I have a repair/operation to perform on DDs pink teddy which she’s had since she was 2!  She is made out of a shell type synthetic fabric (remember those shell suits that were all the rage way back in the 80s/90s) well it’s made of that type of fabric.   Teddy was DDs security toy… couldn’t go to sleep without it…. up until very recently and she’s 22 now! LOL…
Anyway, she has requested me to fix teddy…. Wait until I get a picture of her and you’ll see the task at hand… I’ll keep that for Saturday.
Meanwhile, here is a picture of the finished mug rug.  It is double sided.
The front I designed using EQ7 and I used the pieced shamrock block at 4 inch finish.  If you’d like the EQ file don’t be shy, just ask ;)
The back is an adaption of a tutorial I saw on Missouri Quilts on YT.  Thank you to Connie for the link.   I say adaption since I used 1.5inch strips cut from my green scraps.  It was a very fun technique that I’d like to repeat one day.

March MR front March MR back 1It measures approx. 15inches by 9inches.    I used a decorative stitch on my Bernina and a variegated green Aurifil 40/2 (#4653) to do a simple cross hatch machine quilting.  

To finish I’d like to show you a couple of pictures of Princess Penelope after I had groomed her the other day.PP3   

She does have ears, they are behind her head dress. :)  She is such a petted bun!!
PP side view March 2012pp2
Now I just have to wait for the Internet to stop playing silly beggars so I can publish this post ;)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the Mug Rug, and Princess Penelope is absolutely beautiful :)

  2. Princess Penelope is gorgeous!!! As is the mug rug!!

  3. Penelope is so cute, a real princess.
    Love your mug rug too. Is just as beautiful as PP!

  4. Nice work on the mug rug (say that 10 times fast).

  5. Great MugRug, Elly. And you made it in GREEN! Yippee. lol.
    All your bunnies are so adorable, but PP is a real show-stopper! Love the pink bow.
    Like the 'new' facelift you have given your blog -- it looks teriffic!

  6. I love your shamrock mug rug. So cute.

  7. Penelope is so cute, how do you get any work done with such a bunny around to pet? And good work on mug rug.

  8. What a beautiful shamrock mug rug and your back is just as neat as the front! That video was great wasn't it!
    Princess Penelope is so sweet!!

  9. I love your shamrock mug rugh and I like the back too. The colors look so different in this post from the last! I love it and I'm glad you finished it. Two sided rug looks great. Will you share your little pattern?