Sunday, 30 September 2012

Last Orange Rainbow Scrappy Saturday


Well I wasn’t going to post this weekend as I don’t have a lot of time to write a full post.  However, after seeing all the other RSC posts, on Angela of Soscrappy’s blog, for this last Saturday of the month I felt I should try squeeze one in.  You can see the other posts here.

Here is something definitely orange which is a work in progress and I will write more about this another day.  Here is a teaser, no prizes for guessing what it may be Winking smile

Orange project in progress

Next is a picture of my progress on the Mixed Stitch Crochet Along on Jules blog little woolie here.

CAL update 30912

I think I may have to remove the rows on the right as they are very tight.  I was trying to ‘go it alone’.  Not far now to cover the round cushion pad.

I’m off to Orkney for a few days tomorrow so I’m busy getting my stuff together.  It will be a quilting retreat with the ladies of my quilt group.   I’ve been prepping blocks from an old ufo to take with me and do.  Hopefully I’ll get the blocks done while there.  It is an old Thimbleberries Sampler.  Here is a picture:


We’ll be going across the Pentland Firth in a catamaran.   I hope the sea is calm.

That’s all for now Smile

Happy Stitching,



  1. Have a great time on Orkney - I hope you get lots of sewing done but even more chatting and relaxing!

  2. A catamaran?!? Prayign smooth seas for you! Glad you were able to share your little orange project - it will be fun to see what it becomes :*) Have a great weekend!

  3. Your orange hexies look intriguing - looking forward to seeing more of them! I don't crochet, but have enjoyed seeing all the different stitches in your crochet along. I have always wanted to go to the Orkney Islands - a trip is definitely on my bucket list! Have a wonderful time and I hope you will be able to share some of your adventures with us!

  4. I like your orange hexies! I guess you are making a round pillow?
    Nice sampler pattern. Have a good time on retreat : )

  5. So pretty on the hexies. I made my first flower last week.... that is a dangerous thing and I'm glad I waited so long to try it. I have a feeling I will be creating a long term project of them!
    The crochet is coming along nice too. Have a good time at your retreat.

  6. Will you get to see Rosemary, in Orkney?

    LOVE the bright orange thingy.... Hmmm *wondering what it could be.*


  7. Love, love, love the Hexie! Have fun on you trip. May the seas be perfect.

  8. Have fun at you retreat. Sounds like the perfect time to polish off an old UFO. Getting there sounds like an adventure in itself.

  9. Your orange hexies are fun. Can't wait to see what they will become. The cushion cover for 'L' is super... you are almost done. Looks great.
    Your quilting retreat sounds fun, but "getting there" will be the adventure part, eh?! Have fun. Hope you will take loads of pics and share them when you return.

  10. Your hexies absolutely nade my day!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  11. Very pretty orange hexagons, I'm looking forward to seeing what they become. Enjoy your retreat!

  12. Great little Hexagon project on the go. I like the bowl guess of Rosa's.

  13. Wonderful projects - I can't imagine what the hexies will become. Enjoy your travelling adventure.