Monday, 15 October 2012

Scrap Happy Saturday and playing with Brown

The colour theme for October for the Rainbow Scrappy challenge  is Brown.
I don’t have a lot of brown but I did find enough to cut my 5 inch squares for my D4Ps.. but I haven’t sewn them yet.
However, I did a little catching up on my building houses and made a Teal one and an Orange one.  Here they are followed by a picture of them all together so far.
Orange building houseTeal building house
Building houses_Oct_12
I apologize for the quality of the lighting in the last picture, I took it late in the evening and from this distance it isn’t good.  
Now you may be thinking I’ve already done the brown.. but I haven’t.  That house on the bottom is the one that I did first to try out the pattern.  I still have a proper brown house to do.  And I’ve just noticed that the teal house looks a bit wonky!  Oh well it will do.
Now while I was going through my small selection of brown scraps, I got the idea to play with the 1.5 inch (or there abouts) squares of browns and tans I found in with the brown box.  Most are from those samples you used to get from shops.
Anyhow, I started to like the way they were looking.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with them but they will be there when inspiration strikes.  Here’s a little mock arangement… not quite complete:
Playing with browns_fourpatches
Let’s just call it an idea in progress.  The piece of brown in the middle was a piece I had cut earlier in the day to make my Dear Jane block with.  It was laying around on my table when I was putting up the 4patches onto my small design wall. Hmmm..    That leads us on to my final brown bit.  My Dear Jane block.  H-1 Peek A Boo.
If you’d like to see what everyone else has been doing with their browns this week then take a look here


  1. Good day! I love brown - one of my favorite quilting colors. What fun your mock arrangement. Fun to design like that, yes? Your houses are just fantastic. And H-1 Peek a Boo is superb!!!

  2. So cute! I would love to make a house block quilt some day. There are far too many wonderful quilts to ever finish them all. :)

  3. I like your houses, and as I saw your checkers I thought a house framed in a checkered border would look nice also.

  4. I love your scrap houses, Elly! So colorful and happy. How large are those blocks?

  5. Such pretty projects in the makings! Those checkerboards and the chocolate strip would look great in a little pouch like Connie has been making. The houses are looking great. Hmmmm maybe that will be my project next year =).

  6. Your houses are just darling. I like Katrin's suggestion of using the brown checkboard to frame them... just sounds so pretty.
    Your H-1 Block is fantastic! Your piecing is so precise. Impressive.

  7. Your little houses are precious! I can't wait to see it finished. So cute!

  8. I started making these Building Houses from Scrap earlier this year. I love them. Yours look really nice. I have put mine aside for awhile but I will get back to them.